Personal Branding

To introduce this theme known as personal branding we will try to define what we understand for it. Personal Branding is what defines us and makes us different from people, that is, what makes us unique and differentiates from others. Everyone has personal branding and people can teach or show it in different ways, that they need to experience and try to search for it.

We believe that the first step to discover our personal branding is to know ourselves. To do this, we need spaces and time where we are alone with ourselves and at that moment, reflect on us, about how we are, what we like, how they make us feel the things that happen in our environment.

It is difficult for a person to know their own personal branding, instead that there are people who get personal branding’s people more easily. One way to build and enhance your personal branding is to know what you want, where you want to go and who you want to surround you in this process.

Personal branding also offers promises of greater success in the business world. There are a lot of self-help books, different programs, personal trainers, and articles to help people learn to mark themselves and to know them better. These strategies emphasize authenticity and are often framed as becoming “more than who you are” and “who you’re supposed to be.” 

So creating a personal brand image helps you in some different aspects such as:

  • You will have professional recognition in your sector and also in others.
  • You will be better known in your professional sector.
  • It will help you get more customers or change jobs. 
  • It will allow you to transmit your knowledge to other people.
  • It will give you global visibility.

To conclude with, our thoughts on personal branding are that it is a question of managing and projecting the image that best suits us to stand out in our field of interest. To do this, it is essential to analyze what we want to transmit and how we do it, with the objective of promoting our recognition.

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