This week some students from Leuven, Belgium, came to Barcelona to do the Erasmus+ experience. They arrived on Wednesday and we have been working together in multiple activities related to economics.

We enjoyed being with them a lot because we got to learn new things about how to present a project in a business environment and we also improved our English a lot, as we had to communicate with them in this language all the time.

Everyone was so nice and friendly, that made the experience more enjoyable for all of us. We had a splendid time, as we got to show them the city and everything we like about it. They were all so enthusiastic to discover a new culture and our day-to-day lifestyle, which we learned was completely different to theirs. 

We are really looking forward to seeing them again in February, when we get to go to Belgium as part of the exchange programme Erasmus+.

Mar Fàbregas, Emma Martín, Amy Harber and Aina Fernández, 1r de Batxillerat A.

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