The Climate Change

Nowadays, climate change is one of the most threatening problem. In order to solve it is essential to raise awareness and find effective solutions. Curiously, the easiest solutions lean on small and simple actions. As Greta Thunberg said, “You are never too small to make a difference.” So, it’s a matter of individual commitment!

The Earth is being harmed by us: pollution is killing ecosystems and, according to the NASA statistics, global temperature has raised 1,9 ºF since 1880. In consequence, we need to take action now if we don’t want to cause irreversible damages. To reduce driving emissions, we must avoid private transports and, in case of need, use electric cars. Also, public transport and car sharing are good alternatives. While studying, using both sides of the paper can reduce deforestation. On the other hand, buying proximity and ecologic products can both reduce CO2 emissions and benefit local economy.

The ecologist Liz Goodwin affirms that “we must redouble our efforts to reuse and save resources.” To achieve that goal it’s fundamental to follow the rule of the ‘three R’: reduce, reuse and recycle residues we produce. The Earth got injured a long time ago and it has to be saved by us right now.

It’s our planet and our responsibility, act now!


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