Create your own personal brand!

Let’s start by explaining what a personal brand is. According to the dictionary:

“A personal brand is a perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions, and achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large.”

So, it is easy to see that a personal brand is nothing but personal. Something that requires not only creativity but also personality (also, there is more than one definition as it is an abstract concept). A personal brand can be composed of different products or it can even be a lifestyle. The thing that matters is that you differentiate yourself from others. So differentiation is the key, to be unique.

Now, the progress to create it is not easy at all! But here there are a few tips and steps (that we hope can be useful):

  • Figure out your strengths and weaknesses. In what you are good at, your preferences, hobbies… in other words: who you are and what you want!
  • It is important to define after you thought about all the things you could do. So, of all the ideas you have in your mind, choose one or two (better if they can go together) and develop them. Try to make a catchy name (it will attract people’s attention).
  • After defining the idea, define who your target will be. For whom is your personal brand? For teenagers, adults, toddlers… ? There are thousands of options. This step is extremely important because if you do it wrong, there is a big probability that all your projects will fail. The second thing to do is that after defining your target, be even more specific. For example: if you already defined that your personal brand is for teenagers, specify if it is for teenagers who like to read or series or it is for teenagers who like comics… Remember,  a well-defined target is a key to success.
  • A good tip is that if there is a business or other brand like yours. Follow their process and evolution. Learn of their mistakes, so you do not make them too. Also, if you have the opportunity, talk to people involved and ask them everything you want to know or doubts that can only be answered by a person with experience.
  • Start to prototype. Know it is time to take your idea into reality. Search everything you need and do it. (Important to remember: it does not have to be perfect. But it is a great move to start the initiative). 
  • Use social media, advertisements… create a strategy to let people know about your brand. If they do not know it exists, then they will not know you and that will be a major failure. So be sure you do it correctly! Also, a good way to advertise your products/service is through your own website (so make sure you create a cool one). 
  • Ask opinions from objective people (better if you do not know them. Try them to not be friends or family because they may be influenced by their relationship with you). Listen to their feedback and improve your brand. After you have your personal. Always bear in mind that innovation is key. So, as time passes, so the innovation in your personal brand. Always try to be innovative and creative. Because attract people, even if it does not seem, is far easier than keeping them (transform your clients into loyal ones. Make sure they buy twice!).

Hope these tips were useful! Keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day and neither a personal brand. Be patient and perseverant. In the end, you will achieve it (as long as you make your best effort and give your best).

Made by: Andrea Izaguirre, Tomás Heredia, Aina Carulla i Martí Gil.

Grade: 1st of “Batxillerat”.

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