Procés de creació dels curtmetratges

Durant les vacances de setmana santa, a la matèria de Cultura Audiovisual ens van encarregar fer un curtmetratge en anglès de qualsevol temàtica per incentivar la nostra creativitat. Prèviament vam haver de realitzar un script, un guió de la pel·lícula redactat en anglès on es detallen les escenes i els components del curt. Un cop escrit, vàrem fer un guió tècnic a part on sortien … Continua la lectura de Procés de creació dels curtmetratges

Review (Period. End of sentence)

The other day I had the chance to watch the documentary: Period. End of sentence. I must say that at first sight, it did not seem too gripping. However, as time passed, the more focused and interested I was due to the topic it spoke. Going more into detail, it was about the period and above all, about the experience of young ladies and women … Continua la lectura de Review (Period. End of sentence)

How to deal with anxiety?

All around the world, 264 million people deal with anxiety and its consequences. It is not an easy path to learn how to get rid of it or at least, learn how to live with it. Since it affects all the aspects of your life, leading to negative thoughts such as: “Nobody understands me.” And indeed, nobody does unless they are living it themselves. However, … Continua la lectura de How to deal with anxiety?

Create your own personal brand!

Let’s start by explaining what a personal brand is. According to the dictionary: “A personal brand is a perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions, and achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large.” So, it is easy to see that a personal brand is nothing but personal. Something that requires not only creativity but also personality … Continua la lectura de Create your own personal brand!

An interview with: Native Speakers

It is known that every year at “Col·legi Claret”, diferent native speakers (from England, Dublin, Australia… ) come to help the teachers and to give students the amazing oportunity of improving their English (grammar, writing, speaking… specially pronunciation and fluency). To give a little insight to their experience in our country and therefore, in our school, we asked them a few questions. Where do you … Continua la lectura de An interview with: Native Speakers