How to deal with anxiety?

All around the world, 264 million people deal with anxiety and its consequences.

It is not an easy path to learn how to get rid of it or at least, learn how to live with it. Since it affects all the aspects of your life, leading to negative thoughts such as: “Nobody understands me.” And indeed, nobody does unless they are living it themselves. However, it is not their fault. From the point of view of other people, actions led by anxiety can seem useless, stupid, or even the first signs of your way into madness. Again, comprehensible, because, mark my words when I say that even the people who do the action know that what they are doing has lack of sense.

First of all, let’s start by explaining what it is. According to the Oxford dictionary, anxiety is defined as:

“a mental health problem that causes somebody to worry so much that it has a very negative effect on their daily life.”

Let’s put all our attention and highlight the words: mental health. This is just proof that this is not a joke, it is serious and in the worst cases even mortal.

It is known that it can be difficult and rough to accept you may have this kind of problem. Furthermore, you can even feel a sense of shame due to the feeling that everybody else will simply not understand. But it is important to find professional help to start handling it in the best way of action. Because you also have to do things by yourself, at home and here are a few:

  • Sleep enough. At least, eight hours to make sure your brain is rested.
  • Do meditation exercises or Yoga. This will wind your mind down and help to make you feel relaxed.
  • If you have an anxiety attack make sure you breathe deeply and if it helps, you can even start counting till you feel good again. Reminder: Always talk with someone you trust. It will not make you feel better to keep yourself in silence. It will make you feel worst. Because of all that bad thoughts, feelings… they will stay inside and hurt you more, mentally and sometimes, even physically.
  • Stay away from substances such as alcohol or drugs. Because having anxiety is a synonym of more facilities to fall in this kind of thing when you are going through a bad moment. It depends on the person. For some of them, as I said before, it is alcohol or drugs, but even food can have the same function. They can be what makes you feel better when you are feeling bad, but then they can be the reason why you feel guilty after. Moreover, especially with food, it can lead to self-esteem problems or make them worst if you had had them before.
  • Socialize. Make friends, go out with them, distract yourself. Because, as more time you spend alone, more possibilities you have to suffer anxiety and its consequences.
  • Of course, it depends on your type of anxiety. But one of the most common symptoms is to rethink the same thing at least one hundred times a day. It is not that your brain does not understand and needs to see the same thing again, but it demands it. So, it is important to do different exercises to stop this action and control yourself. If you have seen it once, it is enough. But, is not easy and it requires time.

It is hard to overcome anxiety, but not impossible. Just a question of will, effort, and time. And bear in mind, the first step is to accept that you need help and that you have a problem. If you have already done that, congrats! Because there is nothing harder.

Made by: Andrea Izaguirre Blanco

Grade: 1st of Batxillerat B

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