An interview with: Native Speakers

It is known that every year at “Col·legi Claret”, diferent native speakers (from England, Dublin, Australia… ) come to help the teachers and to give students the amazing oportunity of improving their English (grammar, writing, speaking… specially pronunciation and fluency). To give a little insight to their experience in our country and therefore, in our school, we asked them a few questions.

Where do you come from?
London and Dublin.
What do you think is the best way to learn English?
I think the being interactive and playful. To apply to daily routines and trends. I think the best way to learn English is just going to a place where your forced to speak English. Language learning should be English. If you change your environment it should be easier.
Are you interested in being a teacher?
Yes, because I think it is a very rewarding job and I like the contact and to be able to to see the results from the children.
Yes, but I don’t like how the role of being a teacher is now a days because the teachers aren’t respected so much as they should. I would like to be able to teach and not just teach from a book.
Do you find Spanish an easy language? Do you know how to speak it? And Catalan?
I don’t know how to speak Spanish even though I think it is the easiest and I would love to know how to speak it. I find Catalan more complicated.
I studied Spanish at university, Spanish is easy except the grammar (conjugating). I think that Spanish isn’t useful for all the countries that speak it because there are very different ways. Catalan is easy to read and understand but difficult to pronounce, specially the vouls.
In your opinion, which do you think is more important to learn how to speak a language or grammar?
Do you think English is a main tool for future job opportunities?
Yes, and other languages as well. You must be multilingual specially. You even need Catalan in some places.
Do you like something about Barcelona?
The architecture, it is beautiful.
There is something about Barcelona that I can’t put my finger on top. It’s special, the energy is wonderful. People here are very expressive and creative, very different from where we come from.
How do you fell about the safety measures? Do you think they are enough?
Compared to the UK here they have amazing safety measures.
Compared to Ireland I feel more safer here because people panic a lot in Ireland.
What have you studied?
I studied business at the university, and I went to Italy to teach English as a foreign language.
I studied international relations in Spanish, and I also did mediation and child psychology.
Have you felt welcome in Barcelona and in our school?
Yes, because I feel Barcelona is a very mixt city and all types of people are welcomed here. Also, in the school because the children are very friendly.
At the start, I didn’t feel much welcomed because I didn’t make very friends but then when I came here I started to feel welcomed.

Now we know a little bit more about them and how is their experience going!

Made by: Andrea Izaguirre, Aina Carulla, Tomás Heredia, Martí Gil, Elsa Clarke and Ona Perera.

Grade: 1st of Batxillerat.

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